SAMAC 一般社団法人 IT資産管理評価認定協会



Mission of SAMAC

SAMAC is a non-profit organization aiming to promote spread of proper IT Asset Management (ITAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM). SAMAC will conduct business to evaluate what extent ITAM/SAM is introduced in both private and public sector organization (Maturity Assessment). For this purpose, SAMAC will develop and use the criteria for the ITAM/SAM Maturity Assessment, which is equivalent to ISO/IEC19770 and related JIS standards. Also, SAMAC will provide the training certification criteria, develop/manage the certification program, for the company/consultant who support the establishment of ITAM/SAM system. By the above SAMAC will make effort to maintain the quality of SAM related services provided in the market and homogenize them. Additionally, SAMAC will conduct necessary business and educational activities to promote spread of proper ITAM/SAM.

Profile of SAMAC

Organization Outline

Name association of Standardization of it Asset Management Assessment & Certification (SAMAC)
Established December 2010
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Our Services

  1. Certification and Training Service of CSC (Certified SAM Consultant)
    1. Creation, Testing and Certification of CSC Certification Criteria
    2. Creation and Providing of CSC Training Courses
    3. Issue of CSC Certificate
    4. Offering the Latest SAM related information useful for CSC
    5. Certification of CSCM (Certified SAM Consultant Master = SAM Maturity Assessment Master / SAM Establishment Master / SAM Operational Improvement Master)
  2. Certification service of CSCC (Certified SAM Consultant Corporation = Maturity Assessment Certified Organization)
    1. Creation, Evaluation and Certification of CSCC Certification Criteria
    2. Issue of CSCC Certificate
    3. Quality Control of CSCC
    4. Offering the latest SAM related information useful for CSCC
  3. Development of SAM Maturity Evaluation Criteria
    1. Support and Certification of SAM Maturity Assessment in accordance with ISO/IEC19770 or related JIS standards
  4. SAM Maturity Certification business for organizations
    1. Creation, Maintenance and Update of SAM Maturity Evaluation Criteria in accordance with ISO/IEC19770 or related JIS standards
  5. Certification service of CLM (Certified License Manager)
    1. Creation, Testing and Certification of CLM Certification Criteria
    2. Conducting CLM meetings
  6. Any other business incidental or relating to the businesses referred to in any of the foregoing items.

Message from Chief Director of SAMAC

As IT becomes more important, the scope of use of IT is expanding, in the organizations of both companies and public institutions. IT is embedded in the core business of the organization, and every members of the organization are involved in IT regarding to all businesses. Under these circumstances, the importance of establishing IT security including information leakage countermeasures, promoting standardization to maximize the return on investment, and maintaining compliance that is fundamental to the survival of the organization is increasing year by year. Under these backgrounds, SAMAC is established as a non-profit organization to promote and spread IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM) appropriately and we are promoting strong activities. The Software Asset Management Consortium (SAMCon), founded in 2002, is the predecessor of SAMAC. The actual activities started before 2002, and the Management Standards and Evaluation Criteria developed by the core members at that time and published in 2002 as the first version of the current SAMAC Management Standards and Evaluation Criteria. In order to broaden its activities, SAMCon changed its organization registration from a non-profit organization (NPO) to a general incorporated association in December 2010, to become SAMAC. SAMAC is also involved in formulating global ITAM / SAM standards. When creating the standard for ITAM’s first certification standard, ISO / IEC 19770-1: 2017, SAMAC members participate as Editors and Co-Editors. In Japan, many of the committee members for converting the ISO / IEC 19770 series into JIS are members of SAMAC. SAMAC contribute to the formulation, spreading and promotion of domestic and international standard and criteria. In addition, SAMAC develops business operators and consultants who support the establishment of the ITAM / SAM system necessary for promoting and promoting appropriate ITAM / SAM. SAMAC strives to maintain and homogenize the quality of ITAM / SAM related services provided in the market through these activities. With the development of virtualization technology, the spread of cloud services, the rapid spread of RPA, and the advancement of IoT, the range of IT assets is expanding, and its importance is also increasing every day. SAMAC will continue to make every effort to ensure that IT asset management can help increase corporate value.