Certification Services

・CSC (Certified SAM Consultant) Certification Service

CSC (Certified SAM Consultant) is a designation of SAMAC certified consultant. CSC has an ability of guidance and advice to establish and improve SAM. SAMAC trains consultants with the right understanding of Software Asset Management (SAM) in accordance with SAMAC standards, and the ability to guide and advise on its establishment and improvement. To be certified as CSC, you must complete 2.5 days training course and pass “license comprehension exam” and “CSC certification exam”. In addition, having a track record of working on Software Asset Management is one of the certification requirements.

・CSCM (Certified SAM Consultant Master) Certification Service

CSCM (Certified SAM Consultant Master) is a qualification given to a CSC who has attended various CSCM trainings held by SAMAC. CSCM is a senior qualification ranked higher than CSC, with highly practical skill. There are three types of CSCM qualification. i) SAM Maturity Assessment Master, ii) SAM Establish Master, and iii) SAM Operational Improvement Master. CSCM qualification is added to the CSC qualification according to the training that has been taken. Currently, qualifications can be obtained only by attending training, but qualification exams may be introduced after training in the future. The CSCM who have attended the three types of training and obtained the Operational Improvement Master is eligible to take the exam of CSCT (Certified SAM Consultant Trainer), which is the highest level of the CSC qualification system. CSCT is a qualification that can hold such as CSC training courses and CSCM training by themselves independently.

・CSCC (Certified SAM Consultant Corporation) Certification Service

CSCC (Certified SAM Consultant Corporation) is a company certified by SAMAC, that can provide guidance and advice on development and improving SAM. To be certified as a CSCC, an organization must meet certain criteria, such as the number of CSCs who works for the organization, consulting experience in SAM, and quality management systems of the organization. If the organization desires to carry out the SAMAC Maturity Assessment and obtain the Maturity Certification, those assessment must be performed by CSCC.

・CLM (Certified License Manager) Certification Service

The SAMAC License Manager (CLM: Certified License Manager) is a training and qualification for all software licensing professionals who wants to obtain a basic knowledge of software license. This program was launched in November 2014. Basic knowledge of software licensing is necessary for license management, license procurement in the organization, license sales, and license design for IT services planning. From procurement to disposal, software needs to be designed and managed in the life cycle. This training will include lectures and workshops on basic knowledge of licensing, basic concepts of major vendor licenses, and licensing and procurement concepts. In this training, you will be given homework in advance, so please prepare for it. The training is one day. At the end of the training, a comprehension test is conducted. The pass / fail of the exam will be announced later. The training will be held 3-4 times a year. In the future, CLM meetings and other information provision will be planned for those who pass the CLM. If you are interested in this program, please contact us.

・SAM Maturity Assessments for User Companies

If CSC or CSCC assessed the organization's SAM maturity based on the SAMAC’s SAM Maturity Assessment, then SAMAC will certify the evaluated maturity and issue a certificate, if needed. Organizations that receive the certificate can show their certified maturity to their business partners and software vendors.

Standard Formulation Services

Formulate Management Standard

In the business related to the assessment of SAM, which is one of the SAMAC business, we create and operate SAM Standard and SAM Evaluation Criteria. The SAM Standard has formulated through the business of SAMAC. The SAM Standard has succeeded the management standards of the NPO Software Asset Management Consortium, which has been working on the promotion of software asset management in Japan prior to SAMAC. The SAM Standard was also formulated consistent with ISO / IEC19770 or related JIS standards.

Management Standard

Formulate Evaluation Criteria

SAM Evaluation Criteria, like SAM Standard, is a criterion created through the business related to SAM Assessment which is one of the SAMAC businesses. SAM Evaluation Criteria is an assessment criterion using a maturity model, so it has been prepared for gradual conformity assessment.

SAM Evaluation Criteria Ver.4.1

Establishment and Operation Support Service

Software Dictionary Development Services

  • As a part of the SAM system establishment support project, we provide "SAMAC Software Dictionary" to regular members and supporting members.
  • This dictionary is a database which has been examined and accumulated the identification information of the software used by SAMAC members.
  • By regularly collecting updated information from users and performing maintenance, it is possible to match with the latest information that is always active.
  • Buyers can always download the latest version from the dictionary download site.

SAM BIBLE Create and Provide Services (SAM Related Documents)

SAM BIBLE is the only commercially available SAM Establishment and Operational kit in Japan to maintain and improve the software license compliance. It is based on the SAM Standard which is the best practice of SAM. SAM Standard covers all ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 requirements. It is a template for documents (SAM Standards, management rules, application documents, manuals) related to SAM provided by SAMAC. By using SAM BIBLE, you can establish and maintain SAM related documents efficiently which usually requires enormous resources and times to create.